Saturday, January 14, 2006

DaY 22 - 28 (LaSt wEeK)

I finally had my task cut-out for the last week. I just need to get 100% fit and so I decided to give running a break and concentrated on recuperating completly from my alleged calf injury. Now for this I decided to rely on the age old practices of Yoga and Pranayam (recently comming into picture bcoz of the Ramdevji controversy). Now these techniques are not at all new to me since my mom's into Yoga for years now is just introduced to Pranayam for a year now(thnks to Ramdevji and Aastha TV). So, it was a week full of holistic healing. By the end of the week the pain in the calf had considerably subsided and it was back to normal. It was so normal by Friday that I even decided to participate in my class football match. Initiall I was a little sckeptical of this decision of mine but then it was always in my wishlist to play football for my class which I did and throughly enjoyed. It also made me feel very good.

A day before the marathon I just thought of becomming a little nostalgic and straight headed to Prabodhan Kridabhavan (Goregaon) the ground at which I practiced all these days and whcih I proudly refer to as my home-ground as it was here I played my cricket. No points for guessing that I even kiss the ground as I enter and leave it.