Saturday, January 07, 2006

aNoThEr wEeK In pErSpEcTiVe...

3rd Week

Time: 57 mins
Distance: 10 km

Anyone would have been surprised and shocked by the progress of the third week considering the performances in the first two weeks. Even I was! Frankly, its not the time or the distance I covered during the week but the fear of an injury to my right calf during the 11km run which troubled me and shook me. The problem I was facing was that I was unsure of the severity of the pain and no mediacal attention or a trainer just made matters worse with constant fears of a serious injury doing rounds in my mind.

On the brighter side there were quite a few motivating thoughts...

  • Once I start running even though my legs would pain for the initial period it would be fine after sometime. The important thing here is not keep questioning oneself throughout the run and not keep querying about the condition of your muscles. Now this isnt easy but not difficlut at all. Try and keep your mind busy in something like for example try revising multiplication tables. I bet this wrks and relly wrks well. I tried this during the second week and so the amazing performance that you see.
  • Alread done 11 km...!
  • After all its a mind game.. now I do keep repeating this again and again but its just for the simple reason that your legs (muscle power) would get you there but it would be your mind power that will help you get there.
  • Finally I knew if I was going to be 100% fit on the day of the half marathon then I would surely mak it!!!