Saturday, December 24, 2005

DaY 7 (Victory Walk)

All these days I was blind, dumb and stupid. I had no perception of the truth, no idea of the task at hand and no clue of what I stepping (or rather running) into. Though today has changed everything for me. Now, I can visualise, sense and forsee. I know how long it is, I have and rough idea of the time it would take me to reach and believe me I can see myself crossing the finishing line.

R u surprised of this sudden change in my thougth process??? Well, anyone would be except for me because this is the way I approach things. I am sure even you wanna know how? Okie, heres the recipe...

Ingredients: Stopwatch and Map.

Procedure: I got up and reached Sea View Hotel (near Pizzeria, Churchgate) the first destination on the map after CST. I jst love this place and believe me I have sat at this very place on Marine Drive for hours (with a cousin of mine, not wid a gal bcoz i dnt have a GF but I do intend to ;-) ). Did sit there for around 5 mins just to get a feel of environment. Now the actual thing starts. I jst started my stopwatch and started walking towards my destination (Mela Restaurant) on the map from where we take a U-Turn return to the start (finishing line). Simple isn't it.

How it looks after all this:

Marine Drive to Chowpatty end: 47 mins (-14 mins bcoz i went the wrong way)

Chowpatty end to Kemps Corner Flyover: 11 mins

Kemps Corner Flyover to Jaslok Hospital: 3 mins

Jaslok Hospital to Mahalaxmi Temple: 3 mins

Mahalaxmi Temple to Haji Ali: 3 mins

Haji Ali to Nehru Center (Haji Ali sea face): 12 mins

Nehru Center to Mela Restaurant (Under flyover adjacent to Poonam Chambers): 8 mins

Total: 1 hr. 28 mins. (Considering I start from CST and do not take a wrong lane)

I m not going to discuss this with my frnds bcoz it plays on my mind(Also, I must add that they have been so sweet, esp. bcoz they find the distance tooOoo much bt they have a feeling that I would surely be able to make it. BTW my Mom knows I would make it!).

Well, now I m clear and know how much I will have to prepare.


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